Senior Class Strives to Feed Students in Need

Senior Class Officers Collects Food Items for Backpack Lunch Program


Photo by: Marisa Ruotolo

The Senior Class has collected 2 full boxes of donations.

Led by Senior Class sponsors, Mrs. Carolyn Manheim and Mr. Chris Eliot, and class officers, The Class of 2019 is teaming up with the Backpack Lunch Program in order to raise awareness and collect food items for students who come to school without lunch. The Senior Food Drive started in the beginning of February and ends in March. In order to participate, Seniors are asked to donate the following food to the bins located outside of the Counseling office:

Easy Mac

Oatmeal in individual packs


Soup cans with pop open tops

Chef Boy R D



Granola Bars/Nutrigrain Bars

Peanut butter/ Cheese Crackers

Saltine Crackers

Peanut Butter

Cereal Boxes

┬áThe Senior Class has racked up about 2 full boxes of food and plans to continue adding to that supply before the end of the month. “Mr. Eliot and I believe that students should help to serve and provide for their community, so we enjoy doing projects like this with the senior class; their donations impact the community,” says Senior Class sponsor, Mrs. Manheim. The Senior Class hopes that by the end of the month, they will have at least 3 boxes full of food to donate to this worthy cause.