School Counselors Offer Assistance

Midlo’s School Counselors

2017-2018 Counselors

As school counselors continue to work with students on scheduling for the 2018-2019, it is important that all students know who there guidance counselors are. In order to reduce confusion, the counseling office has provided a list of the counselors with their students. listed by last name initials.

Mrs. Christine Lawson  (A – Di)

Mr. Kevin Birmingham  (Do – Ko)

Mr. Darnell Erby  (Kr – Re)

Mrs. Laura Brady (Ri – Sm)

Mrs. Stacy Shore  (Sn – Z)

Ms. Loretta Speller  (IB students)

Students should note that Midlothian counselors are not only there for scheduling but can also provide support in other issues. If personal issues arise, and students need to speak to an adult, they can always rely on your school counselors, as well as their teachers and members of the administration. Mrs. Shore adds, “Adults work in schools because they like teenagers and understand that life has its moments where you can’t do it on your own.” The school counseling staff encourages students to seek advice from a trusted adult, no matter the situation.

To make an appointment with one of the school counselors, simply visit the counseling office, located by the front doors in the lobby, across from the main front office, and speak to Mrs. Kniphuisen or Mrs. Manson. Your counselor will send a pass for you.