Rolling to the Regional Championship

Special Olympics

(left to right) Joshua Burks, Geoffrey Baskerville, a non-Midlo student, and David Heinen enjoy their Special Olympics competition.

The Special Olympics are a way for kids and adults with intellectual and athletic disabilities to compete in athletic events. Dozens of different events are included, but at the moment, Midlothian’s focus is on roller skating. For eight weeks, starting in September, the High Intensity Autism Self-Contained class participated in the roller skating event for the Special Olympics. Each Thursday at Skate-A-Way roller skating rink, they compete against different high schools in the county.

On Saturday November 4, 2017,  two Midlothian students, Geoffrey Baskerville and Stephen Patton went to the Regional Championships in Virginia Beach. Though this was not Midlo’s first time competing or qualifying for the championships, this created tremendous joy throughout the program, as this was yet another year that Midlothian has made it to the big time. To add to the excitement, Baskerville placed second overall, making Midlothian extremely proud.