A Free Win Against Freeman

Midlo Boys Volleyball


Photo by: BJ Beckwith

The team plans their next play against Freeman.

     On September 25, 2017, the Midlo Boys Volleyball team won three straight sets. With a strong offense and smart hits, the boys defeated Freeman in an intense game. Although Freeman had good hitters, Midlo came back stronger. The team has grown with every win since the beginning of the season. Michael Rowe played hard and mentioned that “there was great effort in keeping the ball up and in play at all times.”

     Adam Wajciechowski said, “We all had each other’s backs” and also stated that Sammy Varela kept everyone in the game.  Lucas Chazo added that “Finlay [Raphael] made the game-changing play.” The team continues to possess a positive mindset and attitude in their hopes to win as much as possible. All of the boys had prime moments throughout the game and are extremely passionate about their sport. Come out and support your Midlo Boys Volleyball team on October 3rd at James River High School at 7:00 pm, as they will take on the Rapids.