Timeless Mrs. Tucker

Mrs. Amy Tucker Retires After 24 Years of Teaching at Midlo

Mrs. Tucker celebrates the end of a successful career teaching English.

As the 2016-2017 comes to a close, Midlothian High School will soon say goodbye to several cherished faculty members, including beloved English teacher, Mrs. Amy Tucker, who has spent the past 24 years at Midlothian sharing her love of English.  

Mrs. Tucker is one of the few English teachers who teaches only freshman classes at Midlo, which requires a special brand of patience and nurturing.  While the freshmen enter a new lifestyle and new level of work in Mrs. Tucker’s class, she has a reputation as a teacher willing to help her students with almost anything.  Senior Caitlin Walker remembers back to her freshman year with Mrs. Tucker, saying, “When I took the PSAT my sophomore year, her grammar of the day lessons really helped me and gave me a really good foundation for my future English classes.” Many students at Midlo have learned so much from Mrs. Tucker after taking her classes. Riley Mosher says, “She taught me a lot about grammar, and it has led me to be a better student in English class.”

Aside from her value as a great teacher, students also consider her a strong leader and role model. Senior Olivia Coleman says, “She was one of my more challenging classes freshman year, but she was the teacher that I learned the most from. Whenever I needed help on an essay, she would sit down with me and talk me through the process and what would sound best. All in all, she significantly prepared me for the rest of high school.”

As a telling detail, Mrs. Tucker is such an inspirational English teacher that her own daughter decided to follow in her footsteps and is also a Midlo English teacher. Mrs. Molly Palenski shares, “It has been interesting experience teaching English alongside my mom for the last two years, but I have really enjoyed our time together as coworkers! She has been an amazing mentor in so many aspects of my life.”

Of life after teaching, Mrs. Tucker shares, “I have no definite plans. I am going to be a new grandmother, so I will have more freedom to travel with my husband on work trips, and I will be working out more regularly.”  As a true asset to Midlothian throughout her tenure, Mrs. Tucker will be greatly missed.  Principal Shawn Abel says, “Mrs. Tucker epitomizes the perfect combination of compassion and firmness.  She is incredibly organized, sets high standards, and gets her students there.” Mr. Daniel Cheatham, English Department Co-Chair, adds, “Mrs. Tucker has been a cornerstone of the English department for many years; what will we do without her next year?”  The Midlo Scoop Staff wishes Mrs. Tucker the best of luck, as she embarks on a new journey in her life.