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National German Honor Society Induction

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On Thursday, May 8, 2017, the German National Honor Society welcomed fresh new inductees in the library after school. A total of 23 students with a 4.0 GPA in German class and a 3.5 GPA overall were inducted into this prestigious society.

The induction started with Frau Böer and Herr Tibbett welcoming students, parents, and faculty, and a short congratulatory speech to all the new inductees. The society officers then spoke of the requirements for induction into the society. All of the inductees stood and followed the pledge led by Frau Böer, as previous members lit every candle, welcoming the new members. German Honor Society President, Dillon Powell, handed out certificates and congratulated the inductees as they blew out their candles. Senior members then received their hard-earned graduation honor cords, which signify their dedication, contributions, and hours of hard work put into the study of German. After the ceremony, inductees and their guests enjoyed cake and refreshments.

Congratulations to the new German Honor Society Inductees:

Ethan Bell

Vivien Berft

Charles Bond

Casey Branin

Lauren Burns

Anna Chen

Courtney Galligher

Zoe Hammond

Hayden Hicks

Grace Holder

Tristan Hutchens

Dareen Kang

Elizabeth Lasch

Elijah Laver

Maytè Losada

Sophia Mead

Sterling Mason

Nick Prybyla

Ryan Sabisch

Tyler Schrimpsher

Caroline Spichiger

Matthew Tuch

Bethany Willis

Congratulations to Seniors:

Vivien Berft

Lauren Burns

Olivia Coleman

Matthew Dempsey

Gabe Fenyes

Molly Fletcher

Phoebe Jackson

Celeste Johnson

John Maiorana

Dillon Powell

Ryan Sabisch

Ellen Tucker

Michael Velle

Caitlyn Walker