Post Prom Continues the Party

Post Prom, 2017

Photo by: Hannah Walker
Students compete in human foosball during Post-Prom.

After Prom concluded on the night of April 23, 2017,  many students visited the beach. However, they did not actually go to Virginia Beach or OBX; instead, they arrived at Midlothian High School, where, thanks to the PTSO, they participated in competitions, won prizes, and obtained artwork, such as a caricature or a spray-on tattoo.

While many students entered empty-handed, most left with some prized possession in hand. As students entered the school, they received 5 raffle tickets. Periodically, prizes such as an Amazon gift card ($100), a Visio television, or even $100 in cash were given out. Many tried their hand various competitions, such as a cake walk, which allowed students to win a delicious cake or cupcakes. In the old gym, students joined the action by playing in “fun, inflatable playgrounds” according to Chandler Clements. They earned a ticket if they won their round in the competition of their choosing. The inflatable options included:  Dodge the Beam, Hungry, Hungry Hippo Dodge Ball Grab, Human Foosball, and a giant Hamster Ball race.

Students used the tickets won during competition to try their luck at a special wheel spinner to win gift cards. Tasty food choices included: catered food, a chocolate fountain, as well as a variety of other options. After attending Prom, this year’s Post Prom offered a great way to keep the energy going with friends.