Rockin’ Rhythms

Midlothian Orchestra Performs at CCPS Fine Arts Festival

Members of Trojan Orchestra receive a roar of applause after a fantastic performance.

On Saturday April 22, 2017, Midlothian High School Orchestra ventured to Clover Hill High School for the annual CCPS Fine Arts Festival.  Mr. Justin Williams, Clover Hill High School’s Orchestra teacher, asked the Trojan Orchestra to perform at the annual festival.  Students attending the CCPS Fine Arts Festival worked all week to prepare and impress their audience.

Under the direction of Mr. Taylor Fletcher, the Trojan Orchestra performed during the festival in Clover Hill’s open commons, alongside the artwork provided by students of various schools.  Orchestra students were excited to display their hard work and passion for music. They played beautiful selections, such as Folk Tune, Fiddle Dance, and Troika by Prokofiev, as festival attendees stopped to listen.  Senior Alex Josephson felt “proud of how the Midlo Orchestra has matured and come together with the help of Mr. Fletcher.”.  Mr. Fletcher and his orchestra students thought the performance was “a huge success, allowing many different people to interact with the Trojan Orchestra”.