Photogen(e)ic Trojans

2017 Science National Honor Society Inductions


Photo by: Emily Junkmann

Kate Hicks and Elise Pritchard show off their SNHS certificates and glow sticks.

On Tuesday March 14, 2017, the Midlothian High School chapter of the Science National Honor Society inducted its new members. The induction began as SNHS President Mackenzie Fuller welcomed the new inductees and their parents and introduced the two sponsors, Mrs. Dipali Patel and Ms. Heather Booher, as well as the other officers: Vice President Mukti Patel and Secretary Cameron Kelly. After the introduction of the officers and sponsors, Patel read the SNHS membership requirements, and Kelly read the SNHS goals to the new inductees. Mrs. Patel read the names of the inductees, inviting them to come forward to receive their certificates and glow sticks. Following the induction, the new inductees enjoyed cake before heading home. Congratulations, new SNHS inductees. 

2017 Science National Honor Society Inductees:

 Megan Adamik

Alexis Archer

Sarah Arezo

Brooke Bailey

Nicholas Bampton

Nathan Brown

Kylie Call

Bridget Canderelli

Madison Chazo

Daniel Choe

Paul Covert

Sydney Dahl

Katie Daniluk

Kyle Daniluk

Julia Deaver

John El-Jor

Bradley Fellstrom

Ashlyn Ferguson

Morgan Gilbert

Brayden Gordy

Ben Hammond

Olivia Harriman

Hillary Hettinger

Kate Hicks

Dilpreet Jaswal

Mackenzie Jenkins

Eva Johnson

Alexis Kelley

Jinwoo Kim

Jenna Kyte

Caitlin Maloney

Luke Manheim

Liam Marsh

Jared May

Arman Nessar

Jasmine Nivar

Claire O’Brien

Thomas Olivero

Nupur Pandya

Hunter Pate

Justin Penn

Heidi Peterson

Elise Pritchard

Josh Protacio

Finlay Raphael

Evelyn Reece

Coleman Rock

Clay Robb

Addison Sanders

Nicole Scampoli

Maggie Self

Emily Smith

Hallie Strickland

Hannah Walker

Palmer Ward

Andrew Webb

Margaret Weinhold

Addie White

Ryan White

Liza Wimbish