Unifié par la Langue: La Marveilleuse Convention Française

2017 Congrès Français

Congres Francais 2017

On March 11, 2017, Midlothian High School students joined 375 other students hailing from local middle and high schools to attend the 19th annual French Convention, referred to as Le Congrès Français, held at The Chesterfield Technical Center (CTC) at Hull. Midlo French teacher Mrs. Catherine Mazzola directed the venture with great help from numerous French Honor Society (SHF) volunteers, including Tess Wladar, the Midlothian High School student who helped design this year’s tee-shirt logo. The event’s theme, Nous Sommes Tout Artistes (We are all artists), centered on self expression and creativity in all things French.

The day was packed with 17 schools from throughout Virginia, who participated in a variety of events, including: partaking in competitions, attending workshops, eating of luxurious French cuisine, and selecting a French Idol. Midlo students spent many hours after school preparing for the event. Claire O’Brien, the school’s representative on the Congrès Conseil Executif (executive council) Planning Committee, received special recognition during the convention, as well as helping to make sure the festivities ran smoothly. Overall, with 70 entries, Midlothian had the largest representation of all the schools, and numerous students  managed to demonstrate the Midlothian High School French Program’s excellence by placing in their competitions.

Le Congrès Français Winners Include:

1st Place

Ellie Witt- Les Posteurs (Niveau 3)

Annie Elliott- Les Costumes (Niveau 3)

2nd Place

Annabel Schepker- Art Reproduction High School

Adam Davis- Dictee (Niveau 2)

Elizabeth Bolstad- Dictee (Niveau 3)

Nataly Solares- Recitation (Niveau 2)

Czar G-Harris- Recitation (Niveau 3)

Ketki Morabkar- Recitation (Niveau 4+)

Rylee Gregory- Que savez-vous (Niveau 2)

3rd Place

Sophie Louis- Les Posteurs (Niveau 3)

Alex Josephson- Les Posters (Niveau 4+)

Holden Wilson- Dictee (Niveau 3)

Jacob Ahern- Dictee (Niveau 4)

Benjamin Sultzer- Lecture Dramatique (Niveau 3)

Four Congrès Francais attended:

Isabel Adkins

Kyelin Thrift

Ketki Morabkar

Miles Whitten

Five Congrès Francais attended:

Madison Chazzo

Finlay Raphael

Six Congrès Francais attended:

Michael DeMatteo

Please thank the following students who volunteered to help assist at Congrès:

Isabel Adkins

BJ Beckwith

Madison Chazzo

Michael DeMatteo

Caroline Majetic

Elena McCloy

Maggie Self

Finlay Raphael

Evelyn Reece

McKenna Steele

Kyelin Thrift