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2017 National Honor Society Induction

Photo by: Ellen Tucker
All of the new NHS inductees recite the pledge to uphold the pillars of the chapter.

On the evening of Wednesday, March, 8th, the Midlothian High School auditorium flooded with students, parents, and teachers alike to celebrate the induction of over 100 academically stellar students, the biggest induction in the school’s history. This year, National Honor Society inducted 157 juniors and seniors who display academic excellence throughout all aspects of their high school careers. Previously inducted members sat in attendance as well and supported the newly inducted members, along with parents and faculty.

The event began with a speech from Principal Shawn Abel, followed by a performance by the Chamber Ensemble. National Honor Society President Adrienne Preston kicked off a series of explanations about the society’s core values and principles. The NHS council consists of: Vice President Mackenzie Fuller, Secretary Katherine Wrobleski, Historian Hannah Hodgens, and Treasurer Sean Dudley. Service, Leadership, Scholarship, and Character make up the core values and expectations of the National Honor Society.

Once the speeches commenced, Adrienne Preston read the names of the newly inducted students, starting at the beginning of the alphabet. Veteran members handed roses to the new inductees as they made their way to the stage. After shaking Mr. Abel’s hand and receiving their certificates, they stood in order on the stage steps. After all members were called, they recited the society pledge and promised to uphold the ideals of the National Honor Society. Junior Caroline Hopper said, “I felt very accomplished to achieve this honor.”

A reception followed in the open commons with cake and treats, as all the newly inducted members mingled and posed for photos. Senior Emily Junkmann said, “It was exciting welcoming all the fresh, young faces into the society, as well as getting a different perspective of the event, as I was inducted during my junior year.” All in all, the event ran smoothly, and students enjoyed the celebration. Congratulations to all of the new member of the National Honor Society!

2017 National Honor Society Inductees

Megan Adamik

Camryn Adams

Jadesola Adelaja

Jacob Ahern

Joitree Alam

Alexis Archer

Sarah Arezo

Maya Arrington

Brooke Bailey

Andrew Baldacci

Brent Baltich

Nicholas Bampton

Allison Barthol

Grady Bastaich

William Bates

Kimberly Beasley

Gregory Beckwith

Berkley Boettner

Samantha Brishke

Nathan Brown

William Brown

Lauren Burns

Kylie Call

Bridget Canderelli

Riley Childress

Daniel Choe

Andrew Chung

Nikolas Chruchill

Benjamin Clarke

Kyle Clarke

Chandler Clements

Marion Cline

Griffin Connor

Paul Covert

Bethany Crisp

Thomas Cumbea

Nicole Czyzewski

Katelyn Daniluk

Kyle Daniluk

Julia Deaver

Riya Devani

Elijah Dorman

Spencer Dorman

Tyler Dowdy

Victoria Dunn

Jade Durant

Blake Edwards

John El-Jor

Truit Elliott

Grace Farmer

Bradley Fellstrom

Gabriel Fenyes

Ashlyn Ferguson

Elizabeth Ferguson

Abigail Fischer

Deirdre Flood

James Foster

Jason Funderburk

Samuel Garbera

Kathryn Gatuslao

Morgan Gilbert

Mackenzie Griffin

Krystal Gu

Jacob Hahn

Mark Hall

Tori-anna Hamilton

Benjamin Hammond

Kenneth Harbula

Sarah Harkness

Olivia Harriman

David Hayes

Chase Hebert

Hillary Hettinger

Haley Hopkins

Caroline Hopper

Ivan Jackson

Dilpreet Jaswal

Bradley Jenkins

Mackenzie Jenkins

Eva Johnson

Casey Joyce

Christina Ju

Alexis Kelley

Jin Woo Kim

Ryan Klaiber

Peter Koppanyi

Irish Kulas

Jenna Kyte

Jason Li

Joy Li

Caitlin Malloney

Vincent Mangano

Luke Manheim

Sterling Mason

Elena McCloy

Devin McCombs

Anna McElhinney

Madison McGregor

Milleena McNeil

Lindsey Merillet

Andrew Morris

Kayla Morris

Arman Nessar

Claire O’Brien

Thomas Olivero III

Andrew Partington

Hunter Pate

Katie Patrick

Emily Peachee

Justin Penn

Heidi Peterson

Joseph Pierce

Elise Pritchard

Kiley Proffitt

Joshua Protacio

Meredith Puster

Finlay Raphael

Garrett Redden

Evelyn Reece

Daniela Relvas-Veliadis

Clay Robb

Coleman Rock

Lauren Roper

Robert Rowley

Ryan Sabisch

Faizan Saleem

Samia Saleem

Addison Sanders

William Sayegh

Nicole Scampoli

Wyatt Schepker

Madeline Sheffler

Madelyn Sillmon

Emily Smith

Michael South

Jackson Spencer

Hallie Strickland

Bonnie Thach

Matthew Tiggner

Riley Townsend

Zachary Tucker

Maxwell Turkaly

Sydney Van Horn

Hannah Vanlandingham

Hannah Walker

Margaret Weinhold

Addie White

Ryan White

James White

Milee Wittnen

Jared Wilson

Elizabeth Wimbish

Andrew Wright

Kimberly Wrobel

Ioanna Xygoros

Nicholas Yglesias