Luck o’ Midlothian

Students Share Their Good Luck Charms

Photo by: Hannah Walker
Senior, Jack Swope imagines the pin he found, his good luck charm.

People carry good luck charms because they believe in the power of these items to bring about fortunate events. Although these objects may be insignificant to others, each individual charm means something much more to its personal owner. Midlothian students share their good luck charms and why they hold such meaning to them.

“A little yellow, wooden bird; I found it in the shop in the theater, and it reminds me of crew.”

          –Hannah Walker, Class of 2018

“One of my best friends and I both have the same pearl necklace.”

          –Whitley Glidewell, Class of 2020

“I have lucky orange, polkadot socks. In second grade, I wore them to school, and on the report card I got that day, I got straight E’s”

          –Payton Strange, Class of 2019

“When I was 5, I got a stuffed dog named Jake; he flies and has other magical powers.”

          -Madison Ahart, Class of 2019

“I have a clay gnome that a friend gave to me this Christmas; it is holding a ‘lucky’ crystal.”

          -Meredith Puster, Class of 2018

“A friend of mine gave me a fairy necklace in 4th grade.”

          –Milleena McNeil, Class of 2018

“My class ring is my good luck charm; I put it on during the Super Bowl this year, and we started to win.”

          –Tyler Burridge, Class of 2017

“My marshall badge from Liberty Valance”

          –Grayson Hall, Class of 2018

” I sleep with a build-a-bear every night from when I was younger.”

          –Chandler Clements, Class of 2018

“I found a pin on the ground, so I use that as a good luck charm.”

          -Jack Swope, Class of 2017