Picturing the Past

Mrs. O'Kleasky's Photo 1 Class Encounters Antique Cameras

Mrs. O'Kleasky's Photo 1 class

Photo by: Mrs. Marie O'Kleasky

Mrs. O'Kleasky's Photo 1 class

Midlothian’s visual arts department is always thinking of new creative ways to enhance the education of their students. Recently, Mrs. O’Kleasky, photography teacher, brought in her collection of old cameras to her Photo 1 class. The students enjoyed learning about old cameras, daguerreotypes, tin types, and early glass negatives.

Learning about these old cameras and photographic processes helped the students understand how photos were taken and developed in the past. Mrs. O’Kleasky said, “They had a ball!” when talking about how her students felt playing with the old cameras. The students are excited to learn about more types of cameras and photo development processes.