Four Lovely Songs for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day needs a nice soundtrack.

“Dream a Little Dream of Me” Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

An absolutely beautiful song, “Dream a Little Dream of Me” by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald screams affection. It opens with a blaring horn, easily associated with this elegant song and is later accompanied by Fitzgerald’s beautifully delivered croons for her significant other to “dream a little dream of me”. Armstrong follows with his deep, raspy voice to complement Fitzgerald’s rich tones. Backing to the last two verses in the form of some skat vocals help illustrate the chemistry between the two jazz-era legends.


A soft, somber tune by modern jazz group, BADBADNOTGOOD, opens with a lone set of bright, yet haunting, keys. Then, a backing of a nice drum brings the song, which paints the love relationship between piano and drums, into full swing. The drums begin at a constant rate matching the piano, and they soon begin to blossom becoming more colorful and lively, which helps create an image of how two could make a romantic, abstract ballad to falling in love, as at certain points the two begin to reach a certain synergy. This majestic synergy makes certain points in the song equally magical and eloquent.

“Moon and Stars 2”Lais

On “Moon and Stars 2,” artist, Lais, finds loving easy because of how amazing the object of his affection is. Lais also points out how she is his moon and his stars, two divine and beautiful forces shrouded with mystique. As the song progresses, Lais asks for her to “roll with him” as they would fly across the cosmos together into infinity. Then, a delightful verse by Skizzy Mars comes in, speaking of how he cannot be distracted by anyone else because of how immaculate his love interest truly is.

“My Friend”Skizzy Mars

“My Friend” by Skizzy Mars beckons his love interest to be, in his words, “the start of me” and “his girl” which helps illustrate the lovely picture of the girl joining his life and forming the start and the end of him. This also ties into the idea of oneness that all of these songs follow, how both of the people have found the perfect wavelength, so they may have perfect synergy.