Recognizing a True Midlothian Community Asset

Teachers Recognizing Teachers Recipient: Mrs. Jackie Tully, English Department


Photo by: Caitlin Walker

Mrs. Tully shares her Teachers Recognizing Teachers award with her AP English students.

Every month, the previous recipient of the Teachers Recognizing Teachers award recognizes another deserving member from Midlothian High School’s faculty. In December, Social Studies teacher Mr. Tim Johnson bestowed the award upon English teacher Mrs. Jackie Tully for “her phenomenal, energetic style, which exemplifies all that is right in teaching.” Mr. Johnson explains, “As my mentor teacher during my first year at Midlothian, her assistance and guidance helped make me the teacher I am today.” Mrs. Tully is a true asset to the Midlothian community based on her continuous efforts in and out of the classroom, particularly on the Midlo Scoop and with Midlo’s Service Learning program.

Mrs. Tully feels honored that Mr. Johnson selected her for the Teachers Recognizing Teachers award, explaining, “He is an excellent teacher,and Midlo is lucky to have him; I am honored to be in the company of the previous recipients.” Currently, Mrs. Tully instructs numerous courses at Midlothian High School, such as AP English Literature, Journalism I-IV, and Midlo’s Service Learning Teachers for Tomorrow. “I take my job as a teacher seriously and always strive to do my best,” says Mrs. Tully. Her favorite part of teaching English is the opportunity to share her love of reading and the study of literature with her students.

Additionally, Mrs. Tully spends her time working diligently on Midlothian High School’s online newspaper publication, the Midlo Scoop. Mrs. Tully states, “I always have wanted the publication to be a positive reflection of everything wonderful going on at Midlothian High School, and through the use of technology, we strive to make it better each day.” Mrs. Tully also coordinates Midlo’s Teachers for Tomorrow Service Learning program, which places Midlo students with an interest in education in elementary and middle school classrooms. “The program is near and dear to my heart; it means so much to me that the wonderful teachers at our feeder schools take the time to mentor our students, giving me the pleasure of watching my students grow,” Mrs. Tully explains. Currently in her 26th year of teaching, Mrs. Tully still feels “excited to come to school each day to see my kids- my favorite part of teaching.” Mrs. Tully has earned this award for her tremendous amount of devotion and ebullient spirit to all things Midlo.