Have a Merry, Merry, Merry Holiday Season

Students and Teachers Describe Favorite Aspects of Holiday Season

Seniors Erin Sanza and McKenna Steele

As a new holiday season is in full swing, merriment, genuine care, and pure happiness fill the air, especially in Midlothian High School. Students and teachers are ready to take on the new holiday season with joy and excitement. From traditions to entertainment, students anticipate what this season has in store.

My Favorite Thing About the Holiday Season Is…

“Seeing the Christmas lights. It always brightens my day!” -McKenna Steele, Class of 2017

“Not worrying about school definitely helps me relax!”Erin Sanza, Class of 2017

“Staying home and eating mom’s cooking with the family.” Tyler Dressigecker, Class of 2017

“Listening to Christmas music that always get me in the holiday mood!” Lindsey Merillat, Class of 2018

“When my family and I stay home and watch Christmas movies.” Zoe Hammond, Class of 2019 

“Traveling and seeing more family and friends.” -Chloe Naughton, Class of 2019

“Playing in the snow with my dog is so fun!” -Avnee Raje, Class of 2020

“Nonstop listening to Christmas music!” -Quentin Phillips, Class of 2020

“Being with friends and family since it rarely happens.” -Mr. Robert Gifford, Assistant Principal

“The food that we all eat and enjoy as a family.” -Mr. David Wilson, Midlo English Teacher

“CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!” -Mrs. Molly Palenski, Midlo English Teacher