A Community of Excellence

Midlo’s New Brand

A Community of Excellence

Midlo’s Community of Excellence wordle means much more to the students and staff members than just a bunch of words on a piece of paper. It puts the school’s purpose and substance into words and represents its sense of community and family.

Academics, athletics, and the arts all create the basis of an amazing and spirited school. Creative, challenging, and caring, a few characteristics that describe the school, help illustrate the true essence of Midlo, comprised of students with unique minds, who excel in thinking of innovative and imaginative ideas that make the school so distinct from others in the county.

Administrators and students alike truly care for everyone in the school building and freely lend a hand to anyone in need. Bonds made at Midlothian High School last a lifetime, and the school’s sense of comradery inspires students to reach out and find common ground with their classmates.

Principal Shawn Abel explains, “The Midlo wordle literally puts into words everything that Midlo stands for: working together and striving for excellence. When someone is considering switching schools, and they look into Midlo, they will see the wordle and get to see all the amazing qualities that make Midlo such a great school. It’s like our brand name; it shows off everything that makes Midlothian so different from other schools.”

Assistant Principal Robert Gifford adds, “It is a vigilant representation of the cultural diversity of Midlo. It shows all the different bits and pieces that make Midlo great.” Assistant Principal Denise Bowes remarks, “The Community of Excellence wordle encompasses everything that Midlo’s students, staff, and community represent. Some people might think that it is just a superficial label or that the wordle tries to create an image of an absolutely perfect school, but that’s not its purpose. It represents Midlo’s goal to strive for greatness and the reality that Midlo isn’t perfect; it’s a real, honestly great school.”

Students and staff of Midlo High feel lucky and honored to be a part of a true community of excellence, and each day they work to live up to the standards of the new motto.