For What Are You Thankful?

Midlothian Celebrates Thanksgiving

Auberey Thomas and Drew Barrymore are thankful for getting into college, friends, family, and pets.

Originating in 1621, Thanksgiving in America began as a feast at Plymouth in Massachusetts to celebrate the plentiful harvest. However, America is not the only country to celebrate Thanksgiving. Canada began its celebrations in 1578, when a fellow named Martin Frobisher safely found a northern passage from England. In both countries, it is a tradition to feast in November. Since this time, it is customary for people to both feast and give thanks.

Midlo students: For what are you thankful?

Ashton Philipp: food

Lindsey Merillat: her dogs

Zoe Hammond: her cat, Milo

Carrie Rowley: poetry

Caitlin Woods: her mom

YJ Xu: freedom, America, and the Cubs

Trevor Snead: football

Sydney Barefoot: best friends

Jake Lero: all-day breakfast

Bradley Fellstrom: friends

Camryn Adams: dogs and family

Matt Rice: music

Meredith Puster: pizza and eyeliner

Aubrey Thomas: getting into college

Drew Barrymore: friends, family, and pets

Noah St. Peter: school salads