For What Are You Thankful?

Midlothian Celebrates Thanksgiving

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Originating in 1621, Thanksgiving in America began as a feast at Plymouth in Massachusetts to celebrate the plentiful harvest. However, America is not the only country to celebrate Thanksgiving. Canada began its celebrations in 1578, when a fellow named Martin Frobisher safely found a northern passage from England. In both countries, it is a tradition to feast in November. Since this time, it is customary for people to both feast and give thanks.

Midlo students: For what are you thankful?

Ashton Philipp: food

Lindsey Merillat: her dogs

Zoe Hammond: her cat, Milo

Carrie Rowley: poetry

Caitlin Woods: her mom

YJ Xu: freedom, America, and the Cubs

Trevor Snead: football

Sydney Barefoot: best friends

Jake Lero: all-day breakfast

Bradley Fellstrom: friends

Camryn Adams: dogs and family

Matt Rice: music

Meredith Puster: pizza and eyeliner

Aubrey Thomas: getting into college

Drew Barrymore: friends, family, and pets

Noah St. Peter: school salads