Speaking from the Heart

Purple Heart Recipient Lieutenant Clarence Singleton Speaks to Core Values Recipients

Photo by: Alexa Battle
Lieutenant Clarence Singleton shares his experiences serving the United States.

On Veterans Day, students awarded for the core values of respect and responsibility had the privilege of hearing from Purple Heart recipient Lieutenant Clarence Singleton. The lieutenant’s life of bravery and selflessness is admirable. He is not only a retired United States Marine and Vietnam War veteran, but also a decorated former New York City Firefighter, whose unit responded to the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993.  After retiring from the FDNY in 2000, he continued to serve and volunteered for duty on September 11, 2001, at the World Trade Center. Thanks to Singleton’s dedication, numerous lives have been saved. On Friday, November 11, Midlothian was honored to have Purple Heart Medal recipient Lieutenant Clarence Singleton speak to students who also share his core values of respect and responsibility. His words will resonate with them for years to come.

Congratulations to the following Core Value recipients for RESPECT:

Elyas Aldughaish

Sarah Aud

Carter Averette

Davis Baily

Devin Bennett

Sarah Bingham

Brandon Brown

Trenedy Brown-Player

Nikolas Churchill

Adams Connor

Dominique Douglas

Lara Ann Douglas

Jessica Elmore

Tyler Gregory

Landon Hicks

Cooper Hoke

Aaron Hou

Eve Ingram

Casey Joyce

Jake Lero

Patterson Levitch

Joy Li

Mya Manson

Liam Marsh

Lance McLaughlin

Anna McElhinney

Nora Mulroy

Emily Murray

Mukti Patel

William Perkins

Walter Preston

Kylie Riekel

Maggie Self

Logan Shapiro

Brayden Staib

Ben Sultzer

Jordan Thompson

Kyle Thorburn

Jasmine Tim

Devyn Vernier

Hannah Wells

Vongai Zhandira

Congratulations to the following Core Values recipients for RESPONSIBILITY:

Hemza Ababneh

Cassidy Arrieta

Grace Beattie

Slater Beck

Bailey Blair

Elizabeth Czenczek

Kyle Daniluk

Savana Evans

David Foster

Sarah Furman

N’Asia Griffin

Jacob Hahn

Sydney Harris

Isobel Harrison

Celeste Johnson

Peter Koppanyi

Analise Lumpkin

Corbin Malmberg

Habonimama Marceline

Jared May

Sharese Meadows

Katie Murphy

Claire O’Brien

William Perkins

Sam Pierce

Adrienne Preston

Melanie Raff

Eleanor Ross

Chiara Rutz

Logan Shapiro

Cassidy Shelton

Nashanti Stewart

Ryan Stites

Jack Taylor

Jordan Thompson

Trinity Tobias

Sophia Trout

Mallory Turner

Billie Vanstory

Alison Vonderharr

Nicholas Weber