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French 4 Students Visit Randolph-Macon College


Photo by: Madame Garrison

Madame Garrison's French 4 students visit Randolph-Macon College to explore Study Abroad options.

On Monday, October 24th, French 4 students in Madame Garrison‘s class traveled to Randolph-Macon College, where they took a tour of the campus, heard about Study Abroad opportunities in French speaking countries, and participated in a French cinema class.

Throughout the field trip, students understood what was being asked of them and respond as expected. Their performance impressed both the Randolph-Macon French students and the professor Sandrine Teixidor.  

At the Study Abroad Info session, students heard specifically about opportunities in French speaking countries and scholarships for French majors.  During the college class, they discussed the movie, Persepolis, which the students watched beforehand in class.  Many students contributed their opinions during the dicussion, including: Patrick Williams, Hunter Coker, Kristen Botset, and Sarah Furman. The trip proved valuable for all students, who came home with a deep appreciation of the Study Abroad program.