Endless Talent

Midlo Showcases the Annual Talent Show

Pitch Perfect has perfect pitch at the Talent Show.

On Thursday October 20th, 2016, Midlothian High School hosted its annual Talent Show, showcasing Midlo’s amazing talent. Audience members piled in the building at a fast rate, hoping to catch the best seats in the auditorium. The lights dimmed and the hosts, Sean Dudley, John El-Jor, and Sophia Trout, came out and introduced the acts of the night.

The first talent of the night was junior Meredith Puster, who sang See I’m Smiling from The Last Five Years. She sang with such grace that those in the audience watched in awe as she hit every note perfectly. The next act was Praise Buba, singing the Alicia Key’s tune, It I Ain’t Got You.  His soulful voice flooded through the auditorium, and the audience accepted it with such delight. Midlo’s own Pitch Perfect sang next, led by soloists Brittney Jones and Bryana Jean-Louise. The acapella group sang a rendition of You Don’t Own Me and I Put a Spell on You. After that perfect performance, Senior Lauren Flynn sang Not About Angels by Birdie. Her voice rang through the theatre.  Continuing the night of sound, Christine Roberts, Brittany Jones, and Lauren Roper performed Unconditionally. Their beautiful harmonies fit together elegantly. They been singing together since they were in the 7th grade and have been friends for a very long time.

In between each act, the hosts provided comic relief, thoroughly entertaining the crowd with their wit and costumes. Junior Rebecca Adams came onto the stage to promote Midlo’s first play of the year, Peter and the Starcatcher, premiering at Midlo on November 17-19. Rag Tag, comprised of Daniel Moore, Andrew Partington, and Noah St. Peter, covered classic songs, such as, Let It Be, Stand By Me, and Hotel California. The auditorium erupted in cheers as they finished each song. Cousins John El-Jor and Sophia Nader sang a duet of the song Rise by Katy Perry. Midlo’s Rhythmic Drive, led by John El-Jor and Hunter Forsythe sang the finale, an arrangement of Smooth Criminal with soloists Praise Buba and Garrett Redden. 

At the conclusion of the event, the hosts thanked everyone for their participation and announced the winners: Rag Tag earned 2nd place, and Sophia and John’s duet came in 1st. A wonderful night of music was had by all. Midlo has talent!