Bus Routes Change Again

The bus routes change and students have a new way home.

Students frantically gather around transportation workers to learn about their new bus routes, half way through the year. 

¨The bus routes are changing due to some schools needing extra buses and other schools not in need of all the buses they have access to,¨ Transportation workers said. ¨Due to specific demand, only some schools in the county are changing bus routes.¨

Several students are spending more time on the bus than before. 

¨My bus comes earlier,¨ Isabella Pareti, 10, said. ¨I also get home later now.¨

Students have to change their morning routine, in order to meet the buses demands. 

¨I have to wake up earlier,¨ Justice Walker, 9, said. 

A new route in particular has students confused to the change. They have a longer trip than before. 

¨We get picked up and then go past the school,¨ Sienna Rosenberg, 10, said. ¨They are more people on the bus now, too.¨

With all the bus changes this year, students hope that this route will stay the same until the school year ends.