Basketball aims to extend their winning streak against the Falcons

Varsity Boy Basketball Regular Season Match


Photo by: Lauren Cassano

Junior Harry Clarke attempts to make a shot over a Lancer Defender

Varsity Basketball looks to take vengeance for getting swept this Friday against the Huguenot Falcons. The Trojans are attempting to get their fourth straight win after beating the George Wythe Bulldogs by a score of 47-43. On the other hand, the Falcons searches for their fifth win of the season after a disappointing margin of defeat to the Manchester Lancers 77-34.

As the playoffs approach in a month, the Trojans are playing their best basketball of the season at one of the better times of the season. The Trojans didn’t collect their first victory of the season until the middle of December; winning their road contest against the Powhatan Indians 69-60.

The Trojans are now 5-6 heading into this game and according to coach Jarhon Giddings, he still believes that his team has yet to unlock their full potential.

“We are on pace to improve on our win total from last year;however, we still aren’t satisfied and we are improving in practice every week to reach our goal,” Coach Jarhon Giddings.

Midlothian plans to stick with their zone defensive scheme that has been executed well throughout the duration of their winning streak. On top of that, the rest of the team feels optimistic that they can sue their length and athleticism in the front court to collect points in the paint.

“Because of our winning streak we’ve built a lot of confidence in ourselves that we can dominate anyone who is in front of us.” Senior George Akoto said.

The Trojans have one win at home this season against the Brunswick Bulldogs by a score of 67-51. They’ll use their home court to their advantage as they search for their second home victory of the season.

Even though they have a negative point differential, the Falcons have played their best basketball on the road this season; having a 3-3 on the road in contrast to their 1-4 record at home.

“We struggled against this team last year, but that’s the difference, we played them last year. We’ll be looking to show the Falcons that they will have to beat a new and improved team this year,” Coach Jarhon Giddings said.