Les Crepes Field Trip

Students in French class go to Les Crepes.


Photo by: Quinn

Students enjoy their crepes

French teacher, Christine Bessala, invited her students in AP French and IB French to enjoy a meal at Les Crepes restaurant in Carytown on Dec. 12.  Over 3o students enrolled in French classes attended the event.

“All the students had a meal,” Bessala said. “They had the crepe entree and the crepe dessert.”

Bessala was born in France and was excited to share this experience with her students. 

“I love expanding their knowledge of the French culture,” Bessala said. 

This trip has been in the works for Bessala. She wanted to take her students last year to a French restaurant, but was unable to. 

“Last year I wanted to take my French one, two and three to a French restaurant,” Bessala said. “Unfortunately, I was not able to because of COVID-19. I was happy that I could this year, though.” 

The French teacher plans to continue this trip for years to come.