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French National Honor Society Fall Induction Ceremony

Photo by: BJ Beckwith
Newly inducted SHF members stand before the honor of their induction.

Félicitations aux nouveaux membres de La Société Honoraire de Français. Translation: Congratulations to the new members of the National French Honor Society. On Thursday, October 20th, the SHF broke tradition inducting 11 new members in a fall induction ceremony. In past years, the SHF had conducted inductions only in spring; however, this year the level of qualified French students exemplifying distinction in their course work and actions outside the classroom demanded recognition.

The event, however, occurring in a different time still managed to accomplish all the true traditions of the honor society’s origins. It started with a warm introduction by SHF sponsor Mme. Mazzola, who welcomed students and families of both current and new members. Then, the event transitioned into a commemoration of achievement; students like Jenna Kyte and Caroline Majetic explained the origins of the honor society and then went onto congratulate and highlight the requirements that the new inductees have met. Meeting the requirements is no easy feat; the SHF demands that students maintain a 4.0 GPA in all French courses for a minimum of 3 years (6 semesters), a 3.0 GPA in all other academic courses, as well as maintaining a clean disciplinary record and participating in outside French activities, such as: National French Exam (Grand Concours), Congres Francais, Epernay French Exchange Program, or French Club.

McKenna Steele highlighted the numerous achievements of past members, denoting the years of French taken and the depth of their involvement in French activities. Shortly after the festivities began,  the Course du Flambeau, the lighting of the candle, commenced, which signifies the unity between past members and new members by lighting a candle showing the transfer of the flame; Michael DeMatteo, SHF President, and Charlotte Bernard, SHF Secretary, read the explication in both French and English. Next, SHF Vice President Maggie Self announced the names of the newly inducted members, while Madison Chazzo skillfully passed out honorary certificates and helped maneuver the newly blazing candles upon the table.

The event then concluded with a group photo and a pleasant reception. Members (current and new) and parents engaged in conversation and enjoyed cake, snacks, and beverages. The next induction date will take place in March. Congratulations to the following new members for their induction into SHF:

Isabel Adkins

BJ Beckwith

Sarah Bolstad

Kiley Call

Hunter Coker

Alexandra Josephson

Claire O’Brien

Katie Patrick

Kiley Proffitt

Erin Sanza

Kyelin Thrift