Stress Before Break

Students are stressed before break due to piles of tests.

With winter break closing in, students are stressed with loads of work and tests to get done as teacher try to complete units before the winter break.  During long breaks, it is common for students to forget what they learned a need review when they return. With units being finished before break, it creates an easier transition back from winter break to start a new lesson and have less confusion upon students. 

“I changed the units that my students are learning,” math teacher, Brayden Delans said. “I can finish this unit before everyone leaves for break. This way, my students will not forget what they learned over winter break.” 

While it can make for an easier transition back to school from winter break, it is stressful for student to have many tests the weeks leading up to break. Tests are back to back in classes for many students. 

“All of my teachers are assigning tests and projects before break,” Mira Morales, 10, said. “I have an essay that is due soon and it is stressful.”

“I have a lot of tests to do, but I am excited for them to be over,” Casey Ereio, 10, said. 

Students have loads of work to do before the long awaited break is here. Even though break is just around the corner, time to rest is needed for some. 

“I am stressed,” Aaliyah Gordon, 10, said. “I think school should give us extra time to go home and recuperate because of all the piles of work we have.”

Although winter break is meant to be filled with time to relax, some students have to change their plans to prepare for school after break. 

“I do not think I will have concrete work over break, but I will be studying for upcoming tests,” Wylye Tait, 10, said. 

While the long awaited winter break is closing in, students are ready to finish up their tests and relax over break.