Hit Netflix show “Wednesday” amuses students

Wednesday TV Show Review


Photo by: XFire

“Wednesday” released to Netflix on Nov. 23 to the pleasure of all audiences.

Netflix’s spin off to the beloved Addams Family series Wednesday captivated audiences with this horror-comedy masterpiece.  The show, launched on Nov. 23, became the #1 most viewed show within days of its release.

The eight part comedy series features Wednesday Addams, an anti social teen trying to fit into her high school life. After realizing her supernatural abilities, she uses them for good as she attempts to solve the towns murder case. Jenna Ortega, the actress who played Wednesday Addams, gave a stellar performance which added much more personality to her character. The show takes elements of horror and comedy to create the same traditional Addams family feel.

“The show was really good. I loved watching the Addams family movies when I was younger,” said Jessica Harish, 12.

“I’d watch it everyday after I got home from school,” Renee Jaeger, 12, said. “It was a good short series and I am hoping it gets renewed for a second season at some point.”

Despite the show being beloved by many, it is unconfirmed if they will be renewed for a second season. Wednesday is considered a one-time spin off series to the iconic Addams family movies, so it is unlikely the show will be back for more.

“I’m hoping it gets a second season, but they wrapped the story up pretty well so we’ll see,” Anvita Gutha, 10, said.