Rock climbing club climbs for another year

Rock Climbing Club


Photo by: Donald Wade

Student rock climb at Peak.

Rock Climbing Club had kicked off again for the eighteenth year in a row. 

“I started it back in 2004,” Donald Wade, club sponsor, said. “I thought it was a really cool idea to have a different activity that exercises your mind and your body at the same time.”

Many students have been joining the club because it is different than the average sports club Midlo has. 

“I decided to do rock climbing because I was not involved in anything,” Taylor Boshell, 10, said. “I really like that rock climbing doesn’t involve too much concentration.” 

A major aspect of the rock climbing club is that it is not competitive. 

“I thought it was a really cool idea to have an activity that isn’t a competitive sport,” Wade said.

Rock Climbing is a sport that usually takes place outdoors, but with the club students are able to rock climb indoors, despite the weather. 

“I have always enjoyed doing outdoor activities,” Gregory Wade, 10, said. 

Many students return year after year. Some students could not find it possible to go last year, so they are attending the club for the first time. 

“I thought the club would be something cool to do,” Riley Hindelang, 10, said.  “I wanted to do it last year but I was not able to. It was something I was previously interested in so I signed up for it this year.”

Wade will continue to sponsor the rock climbing club and looks forward to the upcoming Fridays that he and the participating students will go rock climbing.