Students get ready for Halloween 2022

Halloween 2022


Photo by: Petr Kratochvil

Students share plans for Halloween 2022

Halloweekend is the epitome of a teenage dream. A weekend full of costumes, parties and excitement. While many activities will be held in the area, some students are traveling elsewhere to enjoy the Halloween fun. 

Students are reconnecting with former classmates as they travel to schools such as JMU and Virginia Tech to visit their friends and experience their Halloween festivities while exploring the campus to get a first hand look at the student life and culture of these universities.

“I’m going up to JMU with my friends to celebrate halloween. My friend and I are dressing up as Paul Bunyon and Babe the Bull,” Elle Abel, 12.

Other students are staying in the area and will be attending costume parties, passing out candy, and taking younger siblings trick or treating.

“My friends and I will be trick o treating this year, for the last time. We’re going as the toys from Toy Story,” Eden Kelley, 11, said. 

This year, character costumes seem to be at the forefront of Halloween. The majority of students have left the scary, gory version of Halloween in the past, and are leaning into movie and TV characters.  

“My boyfriend and I are going as Sloane Peterson and Ferris Bueller,” Katherine Williams,12, said.

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