Midlo competes at Battle of the Brains

Battle of the Brains competition 2022


Photo by: Cameron Penn

Joe Bampton, Griffin Nguyen, Cam Penn and Muzammil Lodi compete against Benedictine in Battle of the Brains.

The Battle of the Brains Club kicked off its season on Tuesday, Oct. 4 against Benedictine College PreparatoryCam Penn, 12, Griffin Nguyen, 11, Joe Bampton, 11, and Muzammil Lodi, 11, represented the school in the competition which features schools from all over Virginia, testing student knowledge on topics ranging from presidents to pop culture.

After preparing for months with Mr. Ben Java as their coach, the team finally felt ready for the big day.

The competition was recorded at the CBS 6 Studio in downtown Richmond.

“Being in a TV studio was a surreal experience. I’m proud of my team,” Team Captain, Penn, said.

The competition lasted an hour, but the contestants are sworn to secrecy as the competition will not be aired until January.

“We’re actually not allowed to say if we won, but we did very well,” Lodi said.

All of the games play on Saturdays WTVR- Channel 6, Richmond, 10 a.m. If the team wins, they’ll compete against the next opponent, the winner from the Cave Spring versus Buckingham game this Jan.