Convocation kicks-off senior year

Senior Convocation 2022


Photo by: Ava DeStefano

Calvin Anthony Ducan inspires the seniors at convocation.

With seniors dressed up in formal attire and Chick-n-Minis filling the closed commons, the class of 2023 kicked off the year with Senior Convocation on September 16. Having finally earned the privilege to skip first period for the event, everyone gathered together in the auditorium to hear some words from Dr. Shawn Abel and the guest speaker, Calvin Anthony Duncan.

Despite having a difficult upbringing of his mom dying when he was five days old and being left homeless by his junior year of high school, he never let his circumstances deter him from his dreams of getting a college degree and playing professional basketball. Eventually, he attended Virginia Commonwealth University on an athletic scholarship and signed a contract with the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. Sharing his story by quoting people like Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein, he emphasized the importance of focusing on your dreams and making them a reality.

“He was a really good speaker. I felt really motivated after hearing the speech,” Campbell Klingberg, 12, said.

After the speeches, everyone rushed to the closed commons for Chick-fil-A, donuts, and fruit. Many also went to courtyard to take pictures of being dressed up.

“It was a really good way to connect with the other seniors.” Lyv Hughes, 12, said. “I had fun taking pictures and catching up with my friends.”