Powell promises forever

Ms. Powell get married


Photo by: Madisen May

Mrs. May and her husband after saying ¨I do.¨

The reason students won’t find the history teacher Madisen Powell on next year’s schedule is because with the two simple words uttered just last month, “I do.” On August 27, Powell celebrated her marriage to Tristin May and officially became Madisen May.  May returned to teach the following week.

“Coming back, I mean your wedding day is such a high, so getting back into a routine after that is hard, but its been good being around everyone again,” May said. 

¨It was kind of interesting trying to figure out how I was going to introduce myself to students the first week. I wanted to see them before I took some time off. I mean, my name on Studentvue and on their schedules is Powell but my married name is May. Also, I was kind of worried about parents. How they would feel about me taking off three days within the first week of school. I was nervous about that, but I had no reason to be,¨ May said. 

Last minute jitters were not on the agenda for May. She was nervous the days leading up to the wedding but as for the day of, she kept calm. May and her husband had a special moment together before the ceremony began. “My husband and I did a first look instead of him just seeing me coming down the aisle.” May said. 

May’s special day will forever be remembered and celebrated. May is ecstatic to return to the normalcy of life with her students.