A Homecoming Surprise

Danae's Military Homecoming Surprise

Danae' looks at her father with excitement.

On Saturday October 8th, freshman Danae’ Massenburg went to her very first high school dance with a mixture of sadness and excitement. The sadness stemmed from her dad not being unable to see her all dressed up. Danae’s father, Master Sgt. Patrick Massenburg, had been deployed in Baghdad, Iraq, for the past six months and was not due back home until the end of the month, but unbeknownst to her, she would soon see her father again in dramatic fashion. About halfway through the dance, principal Shawn Abel grabbed a microphone and called Danae’s name, saying he had a special prize for her.  

Mr. Abel told her, “You’re not in trouble; we have a surprise for you,” but she did not remembering entering a raffle.  She says, “I just hear the crowd getting louder and louder.  I’m just like who is here?” 

As Danae’ was tried to determine what the prize could be, students’ cheers around her grew in volume. Finally, Mr. Abel told Danae’ that she was allowed to turn around. Excitedly, Danae’ turned to a surprise that she was definitely not expecting, Her father arrived home early, safe and sound. As Danae’ sprinted to her dad and engulfed him in a hug, students began chanting “USA!”.  Danae’s mother, Jonelle, said, “She really was so thrilled. She was holding on to him for dear life.”

The pair then proceeded to dance as the students in the room chanted, “USA!” “It was really more than I expected,” Master Sgt. Massenburg said. “I had never done anything like that. I felt loved and missed. It made  me feel very special.” It was certainly an eventful night for Danae’ and her father, who uplifted students who noticed the amazing surprise. “My dad’s a real hero. He really is a real hero, a real superman,” said Danae’. The homecoming even made the local news. For more information, visit: http://wtvr.com/2016/10/11/military-homecoming-surprise/.