Sidekicks assist freshmen and transfer students with the transition to Midlo

Freshman and Transfer Student First Day 2022

Photo by: Clara Huff
Senior, Kaitlyn Haggerty, helps new student find his classroom.

Freshmen and transfer students had Midlo all to themselves for the first day of school, Aug. 22. Students were able to meet all their teachers, walk to classes, and preview life as a student. Upperclassmen mentors, better known as Sidekicks, helped the freshmen navigate their way through the building. Sidekicks were responsible for leading the new student homerooms and teaching lessons.

Assistant Principal Dr. Denise Bowes’ upperclassmen program has proven effective in welcoming freshman and transfer students to an accepting learning environment. Every year, Bowes implements new regulations to the sidekick program in order to benefit the incoming freshman.

The new students had mixed opinions about the necessity of having sidekicks teach lessons.

“I wasn’t sure what the purpose of the sidekicks was, and after the first couple days I don’t think we need them,” Mark Nagosky, 9, said. 

Despite the initial impression, sidekicks have proven to be effective in getting students prepared for the rest of their high school journey.

Midlo has a record number of transfer students coming from all walks of life to join the student body. They joined the freshman on the orientation day of school, as well as have their own homeroom and sidekick mentors.

“I moved here from Lebanon this summer and the school has been extremely welcoming,”  Karine Ockaili, 11, said.

Sidekicks will continue to lead the homerooms through the rest of the first quarter.