Sophmores deliver the Dundie Awards

Midlo Dundie Awards 2022


Photo by: Kyle Reeder

Sophomore class officers, Caroline Nelson, Skye Quina, and Ava Dames – Siegel hand out awards.

Midlo celebrated their beloved faculty and staff with the first every Midlo Dundie Awards on May 18, 2022. Hosted by the sophomore class, students voted for teachers to win various superlatives.

Below are the winners for the 2022 Midlo Dundie Awards:

Most School Spirit: Ms. Lynn Shelton

Whitest Sneakers: Ms. Lauren Hyatt

Best Jokes: Mr. John Fout

Most Woke: Ms. Keandra Smith

Shiniest Head: Mr. John Pleasants

Young at Heart: Mr. Scot Burns

Tied for Most Patient: Ms. Brooke Hoke and Ms. Jamilia Mack

Most Drip: Mr. Jarhon Giddings

Best Jeans: Ms. Madisen Powell

Heaviest Homework Load: Mr. James Wilson

Tied for Best Overall: Mr. Jeff Thomasson and Ms. Erin Dinsmore

Best Dressed: Ms. Lisa Martin Hudgins

Most Likely to Become Principal: Ms. Yvonne Mullins

Counting Down Days Until Retirement: Mr. Paul Parker

Most Likely Seen with Coffee: Ms. Elizabeth Boese

Cutest Classroom: Ms. Stephenie Simpson

Congratulations to this years winners!