Anything but a Backpack Day bags a bunch of spirit

Students ditch the backpacks and opt for other items like strollers, shopping carts, and much more.

Kyle Reeder

Shopping carts, wheel barrows, traffic cones, clothes racks, baby strollers, a mailbox and even a dog were just a few of the several outrageous items brought to school this pastThursday as students participated in Anything But a Backpack Day

Anything but a Backpack Day was day four of Spirit Week, where students opted out of the regular strapped backpacks and substituted for other options.  Some brought shopping carts, pots, vacuums, clothes racks, baby strollers, and even a large tractor tire and a kayak. Madness could be felt in the air Thursday morning as students strutted the halls with bizarre items.  Senior Paap Ampomah flew around the school as he pedaled down the halls in his galaxy-colored bike.

Senior Kara Burke brought her excessively large flat screen television with an attachable pole with a shelf for all her school belongings. 

Freshman Dayne Drake and Sophomore Will Waugh brought a baby stroller and suitcase.  Senior John Laser brought a Little Tikes Jeep and Junior Michael Schmidt brought a Radio Flyer red wagon.

Senior James Stone brought a shopping cart, which turned out to be a rather popular item during the day.

Throughout the day, the craziness continued.  Class changes were slower than usual due to the myriad oversized items slowing down traffic.  School security guard Mr. Mason said “The craziest thing I saw was an auto-tech student bring in the front bumper of his car with his stuff in it.”

Many students including sophomore Lillie Pittman and senior Collin Stells brought hand-held coolers. Pittman exclaimed “This is my favorite day.  It’s hilarious and I love it.”

Sophomore Augusta McNulty brought her grass seeder from home because it’s “better than a backpack.”

In the end, Anything But a Backpack Day proved to be a complete success with students.  The spirits of all Mildothian High School were heightened to new levels this Thursday as students and staff experienced a day of organized chaos.  With shopping carts galore, coolers and strollers, Anything But a Backpack Day will certainly be one for the books.