Jones hits a home run to VMI

Senior Andrew Jones commits to the Virginia Military Institute for baseball

Senior Andrew Jones looks to continue his baseball career at VMI in the fall.

Photo by: Ava Reese

Senior Andrew Jones looks to continue his baseball career at VMI in the fall.

Senior Andrew Jones takes baseball to the Division 1 level with his official commitment to Virginia Military Institute where he will continue his athletic career for the next four years. Jones first found his love for the sport at age six when he joined his elementary school’s baseball team. Then when he was eight, Jones played on RBA South, a local travel baseball team.

“Some of my best memories were made with that team,” Jones said. “ I only speak to a few of them today, but I look back on it and I know they’ll always be my boys.” 

Outside of school, Jones played for the Virginia Cardinals, which is the advanced division of his travel team RBA South. By committing to play at VMI, he demonstrates his dedication to the game and passion to push himself as not just an athlete, but as an individual as well.

“I want to continue playing it in college because it’s a chance to live out baseball for as long as I can,” Jones said. 

Even outside of baseball, Jones was still interested in VMI for many reasons that ultimately led him to commit.

“It’s Division 1 and it’s one of the best post-grad schools in the country,” Jones said. “The brotherhood there is amazing.”

Jones credits his commitment to the game as well as the work that he puts in during the off-season for his success.

“I lift on my own at the gym daily and I also practice baseball at facilities I can go to. Every now and then I will pay a guy to do a lesson with me,” Jones said.

Though Jones loves the sport, the friendships he’s made along the way are what is most important to him.

“I enjoy the chemistry you build with your team in baseball. Even on the bench, there are so many ways to contribute,” Jones said.

This spring Jones will play his last season of high school baseball for the Midlo Trojans before taking on a career at VMI.