Midlo’s National Business Honor Society welcomes new inductees

National Business Honor Society Inductions 2021

Every year during the month of November, Midlo business and accounting teacher Ms. Yvonne Mullins hosts the induction ceremony for a select number of her business students officially joining the National Business Honors Society.  The NBHS is an awarded and reserved honor society for  juniors and seniors who have been in enrolled in at least three years of classes studying business ethics and operations. 

With the return to in-person learning for the 2021-2022 school year, the event was held at school, and both students and parents attended. This year, Mullins carefully selected ten juniors and ten seniors, each of whom display leadership skills, school engagement and success in their business classes.

To start off the ceremony, NBHS President senior Ellie Herndon delivered a speech to the inductees and their families regarded the requirements asked of the inductees while serving as a member, as well as explaining the important role they now hold.

Senior Ellie Herndon delivers the opening speech to the future Business Society inductees and their families. (Photo by: Kyle Reeder)

Following her remarks, Herndon instructed the inductees to pick up the fliers placed by their seats and to then join her in reciting the official NBHS pledge, which outlines basic foundational principles of the society. After the solidifying moment, Mullins called upon each new inductee to walk to the front of the open commons where the event was being held in order to receive their certificate while kind words were shared about the student at hand.

Business Society inductees recite the NBHS Pledge. (Photo by: Kyle Reeder)

Once the ceremony came to a close, students joined their families to enjoy one another company and enjoy complementary refreshments and snacks to celebrate the inductees achievement.

National Business Honor Society 2021 Inductees:

Lawsen Barefoot

Megan Coppola

Meredith Etheridge

Margaret Hester

Hannah Lucidi

 Matthew Notarianni

Noah Thomas

Brooks Weeks

Bryson Baltich

Lauren Branch

Ava Gay

Alex Kochell

Elaina Miller

Caroline Pickels

Stella Sowers

Camran Toler

Logan Bazemore

Ibrahim Yazdanpanah

Zach Wirt