Midlo field hockey pays tribute to seniors

Field Hockey Senior Night 2021

Photo by: Bridget Tracy
The 2021 Midlo Field Hockey seniors continue to make everlasting memories together on Senior Night.

Taking the field for the 2021 season, the Midlo Varsity Field Hockey team looks to capitalize on their successful run during 2020 as they nearly emerged undefeated. With a strong group of returning seniors, the program worked to honor their efforts on Wednesday, September 29, during the annual Senior Night celebration.

Prior to the start of their game against the Clover Hill Cavaliers where they swept the competition 8-0, each of the senior athletes gathered in anticipation of their special night. With their fellow teammates lining the pathway, field hockey sticks raised high in the air, the seniors were individually escorted by their loved ones across the track. In the background, their fondest memories and future aspirations echoed throughout the stadium. Head Coach Rebecca Lowe met them at the end of the walkway, embracing each of the athletes and thanking them for all that they have done for the program over the years. This year’s seniors include Amelia Giecek, Ava Hammond, Claire McCann, Madeline Gill, Hannah Lucidi, Grace Eiden, Isabella Hazel and Hayden Strausburg.

Amelia Giecek has played for the varsity team for the past two years, but has served as a member of the field hockey program for a total of five years since she made the junior varsity team in her eighth-grade year. Giecek’s goal this season is to end her senior year by winning the regional championship, which the team was able to carry out during the 2018 season. After having been a part of the program throughout the entirety of her high school experience, Giecek will miss “all of the close friends that [she] has made while on the team and the fun atmosphere generated at practices.” Home games will always hold a special place in her heart as the team routinely “warms up to the best playlist,” Giecek said. 

Ava Hammond is one of the team’s most vital players, playing on the varsity team for all four years of her high school career. With a total of nine years of experience, Hammond contributed to the team’s regional championship victory against Warhill while she was a freshman. Incidentally, this is also her favorite memory from her time as part of the program. Although, as the season progresses, Hammond reflects on her time on the team and feels that she will miss “all of [her] teammates and coaches the most,” said Hammond.

Claire McCann is a seasoned veteran in the world of field hockey, having been involved with the sport since the fourth grade. Her years of experience led her to join the Midlo Field Hockey team in her freshman year. During her two years on varsity, she has loved “screaming songs on the bus rides home from away games with all of [her] teammates,” McCann said. Although she will miss everyone she has met along the way, her experience in the program has led her to want to play on a club team in college to continue building on her skills. As of now, however, McCann looks to finish the 2021 season undefeated.

Madeline Gill has played for the Midlo Field Hockey program for a total of five years, three of which were on the varsity team. Having formed a one-of-a-kind friendship with each of her teammates, Gill will miss “the opportunity to play with all of my best friends and getting to beat all of our rivals together.” For the 2021 season, she intends on working hard during practices and games in order to achieve her goal of making it to the State Championships.

Hannah Lucidi has been a member of the Midlo Field Hockey team for four years, playing on varsity for two. When the season ends, Lucidi knows she will “miss each and every one of the games that [she] got to play with [her] teammates,” and she will look back on all the team pasta parties and long bus rides to their opponent’s fields with a smile. Hoping to finish the season undefeated, Lucidi remains determined to make the most of her senior year while also enjoying one last ride with some of her closest friends.

Grace Eiden has participated in the Midlo Field Hockey program for four years, with two of those seasons being on the varsity team. So far, her favorite memory revolves around the fact that she has become best friends with each one of her teammates over the years. “When my time on the team is over, I will definitely miss playing late night games under the stadium lights since it was a whole different energy during those moments,” Eiden said. Hoping to repeat the team’s undefeated streak from the 2018 season, Eiden is motivated to win all of their remaining games in order to end her final season on a high note.

Isabella Hazel has been a part of the Midlo Field Hockey program for the past five years, joining the team in eighth grade. One of her favorite memories from her time as a student-athlete is when Hazel scored the winning goal at the very last game of her freshman year. Having formed unbreakable bonds with her teammates, Hazel will never forget how close the girls have gotten. “I have never met a group of people who are as genuine as those I play alongside of. Especially during high school, it is easy to start drama, but I think we have a rare kind of relationship as a team,” Hazel said. Although grasping the concept that her time as a member of the field hockey team is coming to a close, Hazel optimistically looks to the possibility of going to states in the near future.

Congratulations, seniors!