New class officers for the 2021-22 school year

Class Officer Election Results


Photo by: Patterson Summers

Ms. Elizabeth Boese swears in the new Senior Class Officers.

Students voted in the student council elections that took place on September 2, 2021. Potential candidates ran campaigns urging classmates to vote through social media as well as in the classroom. Results were publicized on September 7 via the daily announcements.

Congratulations to the new class officers!

Freshmen Class Officers 

President: Annie Chervenska

Vice President: Paige Alley

Vice President of Public Relations: Elizabeth Reinhardt

Vice President of Records: Declan Flood

Community Service Coordinator: Andrew Parrish

Sophomore Class Officers 

President: Skye Quina

Vice President: Ava Dames Siegel

Vice President of Public Relations: Caroline Nelson

Vice President of Records: Ashley Flood

Community Service Coordinator: Daniel Delaporte

Junior Class Officers

President: Patterson Summers 

Vice President: Kate Grilliot 

Vice President of Public Relations: Katherine Williams 

Vice President of Records: Kate Tabor

Community Service Coordinator: Elle Abel 

Senior Class Officers

President: Eliza Adamik

Vice President: Alex Walker 

Vice President of Public Relations: Emma Precopio

Vice President of Public Records: Bridget Tracy

Community Service Coordinator: Parker Gilmer