Feldman and Roxas receive the final Students of the Month award for the year

Sophomore Cole Feldman and senior Samantha Roxas recieve Student of the Month award for May.

Samantha Roxas and Colin Feldman
Junior Samantha Roxas and sophomore Colin Feldman awarded final Students of the Month of 2021

As the school year comes to an end, Midlo closes the year by selecting two final students of the month.  The two students who have been nominated for May are sophomore Cole Feldman, and junior Samantha Roxas.  Amid all of the chaos this year, both Feldman and Roxas have shown dedication and determination towards learning, leadership and participation in the classroom.  Whether it is behind the screen in virtual school, or sitting in-person, these students have shown they have what it takes to be a student of the month.


Colin goes out of his way to include others and I can always count on him to be a leader in the classroom.”

— Ms. Emily Pfund

The 9 – 10th grade Student of the Month for May is sophomore Cole Feldman. Starting the year virtually among all his classmates, Feldman was faced with the problem of distance learning, which proved to be a challenge for his outgoing and energetic personality. Feldman’s English teacher, Ms. Emily Pfund, who nominated Feldman for the award, said “Cole is a wonderful student.  He has excelled in the classroom this year, in both the virtual and physical environments.” Feldman is constantly bonding with his classmates and teachers and is kind to all of his peers.  “He goes out of his way to include others and I can always count on him to be a leader in the classroom,” Pfund said.  Outside of school, Feldman spends the majority of his time playing sports for the school.  Although he is just a sophomore, Feldman is a member of both varsity basketball and varsity baseball.  “Both of his coaches speak very highly of Cole and his dedication to being a great player and a great teammate,” Pfund said.


Samantha takes the time to make sure everyone feels included ”

— Ms. Blair Abrahamson

The 11-12th grade Student of the Month for May is junior Samantha Roxas. Roxas has been dedicated to school since the start, and since March Roxas has been in the building.  Roxas’ English teacher, Ms. Blair Abrahamson, who nominated her for the award said Roxas “has been on top of her assignments all year long, often turning in work early and making sure that she fully understands everything.” Roxas is always willing to contribute and share with the class and is constantly volunteering and spurring interaction among her class. Roxas takes the time to make sure everyone feels included. Out of school, Roxas volunteers her time in the GSA Club and is encouraging to members who want to join.  Among all the changing variables this year, these two students have demonstrated and displayed great participation throughout school, and have earned the right be our final students of the month.

Congratulations, Cole and Samantha!