Midlo world language honor societies virtually induct new members

Language Honors Societies Inductees 2021


Photo by: Ava Gay

The Midlo language honor societies induct new members!

In years past, Midlo Language Honors Societies have conducted in-person ceremonies where chapter heads officially welcome incoming inductees. The special occasion usually consist of carrying out traditional services, such as with the Spanish Honors Society passing new members a candle and having them sing a registry. Unfortunately, however, all groups were unable to meet in person to solidify student’s spots and were pushed to online platforms. Despite the unconventional induction, membership remains a great honor.

Congratulations to the following students.

Spanish Honors Society New Members:

Elle Abel

Tiyba Akram

Andrew Baker

Sebastian Bishop

Lauren Bone

Kylie Bonser

Ava Brown

Caden Cibellis

Lucas Cosby

Sofia Craig

Taj Davis

Kendall Evans

Rosa Garza

Ava Gay

Harper Gordon

Benjamin Gozzi

Kate Grilliot

Jacey Imbriaco

Renee Jaeger

Alexandra Kimball

Sara King

Sadie Marshall

Sarah Matsunaga

Reagan McAdams

Claire McCann

Amy McDonald

Sophia Melita

Christopher Mierchuk

Nicloás Morales

Amarissa Nana

Thanhson Nguyen

Nalia Nugara

Benjamin Ogunde

Reina Okeilli

Kennedy Olds

Kaylee Pantaleo

Courtney Phillips

Anosh Pithawalla

Erin Quiring

Samantha Ruano

Samantha Shaffer

Ashley Sowers

Sophie Stroud

Mariana Velásquez

Amy Vick

Nick Walker

Olivia Walker

Abigail Walsh

Armelle Worrel

Virginia Zalinski

French Honors Society New Members:

Quinn Downing

Erica Hidinger-Wood

Eden Johnson

Brennan Lane

Lilli Singer

Kate Tabor

Jubilee Whitmer

German Honors Society New Members:

Delaney Geckle-Clark

Matthew Babb

William Papierniak

Hank Pate

David Versch

Aaron Liu

Patterson Summers

Alyssa Hayes

Brandon West 

Latin Honors Society New Members:

Madeline Bryan

Mary Carson

Leo Crayton

Lauren Deaver

Jason Dela Cruz

Ashley Flood

William Galleher

Cassie Grizzard

Maahin Junaid

Sarah Mackie

Thomas Mackie

Colin McGill

Alina McMahon

Augusta McNulty

Ashley Murias

Sarah Nugent

Madison Pugh

Nicole Quiram

Hunter Stanek

Hunter Underhill

William Waugh