Students share their summer plans

Summer 2021


Photo by: Flickr

Midlo students look forward to Summer and the fun activities that come along with the highly anticipated vacation time.

As the school year comes to a close, students eagerly await for summer, which will officially kick-off on June 17, 2021, for all underclassmen. Despite the short summer break, given the early start next year in late August, students of all grade levels look forward to taking part in fun activities and planning trips with family and friends. After a challenging year between virtual and hybrid learning, summer represents a time to truly unwind and relax after the long, stressful months that put a strain on many individuals who had to cope with new learning and teaching environments. From getting together with friends to participating in camps, Midlo students share some of the many exciting things that they have awaiting them. 


“Every year I volunteer at a children’s camp called Camp Invention as a leader. It’s extremely fun because I love kids! I am also going to see my aunt in Boston to have a girls week!” 

Jasmine Harris, Class of 2022


“I’m going to the beach and I’m doing a medical internship at VCU.” 

– Sreeman Venigalla, Class of 2022


“This summer I am staying at Smith Mountain Lake! I’ll be tubing, swimming, and fishing!”

– Alexis Moore, Class of 2022


“Over the summer I plan to keep training with a private jump coach and go to meets at Virginia Beach!” 

– Tanaiya Turner, Class of 2023


“I am going to Disney World with my family this summer.” 

– Lena Caffall, Class of 2021


“I’m doing a show camp called Godspell.” 

– John Sheldon, Class of 2022


“I’m going on a family vacation to Hilton Head! I also will be going to a basketball tournament for a week in Indiana.” 

– Danni Marmo, Class of 2024


“I’m going to Canada! I’m also going to a camp in West Virginia at the end of June with Young Life!” 

– Jenifer Zhandira, Class of 2022


“I will be going to my friends’ lake house and I’m also going to Myrtle Beach this summer.” 

– Kate Lowe, Class of 2024


“My sister Molly and I are going to Pennsylvania and the Jersey Shore.” 

– Jessica Goecker, Class of 2021