Boys lacrosse honors Midlo Alumni Preston Powell

Midlo lacrosse dedicates their season to Preston


Photo by: Patterson Summers

Lacrosse players wears #22 in support for Preston Powell.

Preston Powell’s life was turned upside down when he began his battle with Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. Preston is a Midlo Lacrosse alumni and the son of junior varsity Coach Powell. The Midlo Lacrosse team was devastated to hear the news since they look up to former Trojan Lacrosse players and are all a part of the tight-knit community. Coach Powell has coached all of Midlo’s current varsity lacrosse players and formed a close connection with them over the years. Many players admire Coach Powell because of his compassion for his players and the sport. Sophomore varsity Lacrosse player Brennan Lane says, “Preston could have no better coach and dad for him as he fights for his health.”

To honor Preston and his legacy at Midlo, both junior varsity and varsity players have started wearing his jersey number, #22, on their helmets as a way of keeping Preston in their thoughts. Lane, who happens to be jersey #22 this year, said that “Midlo lacrosse means loyalty, so when one of our own hurts, we all hurt.” In addition to the decals as a reminder of Powell’s battle, the team has decided to dedicate this lacrosse season to Preston. Although many of the current lacrosse players “don’t know Preston personally, all of them are praying and playing for him out of love for Coach Powel,” varsity Coach Greg Barnard said. The lacrosse families have been abundantly supportive of Preston and Coach Powell’s family by gifting them with gift certificates to local restaurants as well as keeping him in their prayers.  

Because the lacrosse community is like a family, Coach Powell has always checked in on his players and continues to do so by updating them about Preston’s condition. As of May 25, 2021, all of Preston’s testing is clear and he only has eight more weeks of treatment. Coach Powell took this season off to focus on his son and will be making his anticipated return to coaching JV lacrosse next year. Both Powell and the team are eager to start working together again and will continue to support Preston through his journey. 

Osteosarcoma is a rare cancer for adults, with less than one percent of all cancer being sarcoma. Visit Sarcoma Foundation of America to learn more about the condition or to donate to research. If anyone is looking for ways to support the Powells, they can contact the Midlo Varsity Coach, Coach Greg Barnard, or any Midlo Lacrosse player. 

The Midlo Scoop wishes the Preston & the Powell family the best!