Midlo honors the Class of 2021

March to Graduation 2021

Photo by: Zinzi Symister
March to Graduation 2021

The Class of 2021, has undoubtedly had a year like none other. The pandemic has put a wrench in their final year of high school. Robbed of their traditional activities such as pep rallies, homecoming, powder puff game, and full sports seasons, these seniors have adjusted and adapted in the wake of COVID-19. In hopes of restoring spirit into the seniors, parents Stacy Atkins and Leann Owings, in conjunction with other senior parents, put together a day of fun for the seniors. At 11:00 a.m. last Saturday, March 20, the March to Graduation kicked off.

 The student parking lot was filled with decorated vehicles whose trunks were overflowing with goodies for the seniors. The festive mood was set as the DJ played popular hits, cars honked and parents cheered. The Trojan mascot even made a special appearance, greeting students as they drove by. In efforts to keep the event safe, all participants were required to stay in their car and wear masks.

As students arrived in the bus loop, teachers lined the sidewalk ready to greet them. The first stop was the  Herff Jones table, where students picked up their graduation attire.  The seniors continued on toward the parking lot and the lined up “stations,” each manned by a parent volunteer, where they collected treats, coupons, and even a free lunch provided by Firehouse Subs. With support from local businesses in the Midlothian area, “it felt really special that our community came together to support us like they did,” Lisa Witherow said.

Although March to Graduation was only a few hours, the class of 2021 will spend the next few weeks collecting their free items and treats from various restaurants. Raffle-winner Rylee Moore was so excited to “get my free Chick-fil-a sandwich and Sugar Shack donut sometime soon. On top, I am excited I won the raffle because I have never won one before.”

Although the plan is unclear as to what prom and graduation will look like, the parade allowed the seniors to feel appreciated before they depart from halls of Midlothian High School.  “It was a really thoughtful idea and I appreciate the effort the school and parents put in to try and make senior year special this year. Some of the gifts surprised me, like the free frosty for a year. The night before, I chose to paint my car because it’s a fun tradition that seniors do on the first day of senior year, but since our first day of school was virtual I thought this was a fun opportunity to get to include that tradition in my senior year,” Madelyn Venable said.