New Year’s commitments carry Midlo into 2021

Midlo student’s New Year’s Resolutions


Photo by: Tim Mossholder

Heading into 2021, Midlo students set their expectations and goals for the new year.

With the start of every new year, comes the annual New Year’s resolutions set in place by those most optimistic for the future. Committing to improving their way of life, individuals look to the new year for a fresh start. By setting goals and implementing new habits, resolutions help us navigate the upcoming year ahead. After a year undoubtedly unlike any other, those making promises to themselves for 2021 wish to leave 2020 behind and grow from lessons of the past, while instilling hope into the months to come. 

For many, staying on track with their resolutions presents a difficult task, since individuals often go off course within the first few weeks of the new year. However, to make sure commitments stick in 2021, in an interview with Business Insider, neuroscientist Moran Chef shares some helpful tips to ensure success with New Year’s resolutions. Some of Chef’s easy-to-follow steps include making resolutions with another person, evaluating resolutions each quarter of the year, and keeping a diary of resolutions to most effectively stay on task. No matter the goal, generating New Year’s resolutions is a great way to have something to look forward to and keep working towards.

Midlothian High School students join thousands of others in setting the bar high for 2021, their resolutions coming in a number of different forms. In a virtual world where Chesterfield County Public Schools continues to take part in remote learning, New Year’s resolutions may even provide students with a positive mindset and healthy outlet during these trying times. From completing exercise challenges to obtaining personal achievements, students of all grade levels draw from the challenges and hardships experienced in 2020 to kick-off what is hopefully a brighter and healthier 2021.

What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2021?

“My New Year’s resolution is that I definitely want to try to drink more water throughout the day to stay hydrated and energized!” Lauren Cassano, Class of 2022

“In 2021, my resolution is to read more books.” Alex McCreight, Class of 2022

“I want to complete 300 active days in 2021” Emma Blankenship, Class of 2024

“I plan to try and get all straight A’s as my New Year’s resolution!”Robbie Painter, Class of 2022

“In the new year, I hope to complete the draft of my second novel!” Emelia Delaporte, Class of 2021

“For the new year, I plan to focus on my mental health and maintain healthy relationships with the people in my life.”Cassie Grizzard, Class of 2022

“My New Year’s resolution is to fix my sleep schedule and spend less time on my phone.”Kate Gorman, Class of 2023

“Going on runs more is my goal for 2021!”Ryan Hammelman, Class of 2022

“In 2021 I really want to stop procrastinating.”Ethan Busby, Class of 2022

“Since I am graduating High School this year, my New Year’s resolution is to do well in college.” Blake Longest, Class of 2021

“I am really trying to go on my phone less this year because my screen time has skyrocketed!” Abby Russo, Class of 2022

A resolution I have is to start saving more money.” Bryce Hardiman, Class of 2022

I think mine is to be kinder to myself and take care of my mental health more.” – Kiyah Burrell-Junius, Class of 2022

I want to be a healthier version of myself in 2021.” – Claire Miller, Class of 2022

Contributions by Maddy Kaut, Class of 2022.