Parking on Personal Masterpieces

Senior Class Officers Show Off Custom Parking Spots


Photo by: Ellen Tucker

2017 Senior Class Officers show their style and personalities with festive parking spots.

During a hot week in August, just days before school started, Senior Class Officers gathered gallons of paint and an endless number of brushes to create their parkingspot masterpieces. One of the privileges of being an officer is the ability for each to create his or her own unique parking spot that reflects the personality and interests of the student. Here are the senior class officers with their uniquely painted spots:

Senior Class President, Sam Maguire


“Wes’s spot last year was the American flag, so I decided to keep it and just alter it a little.  ‘Merica.”

Senior Class Vice President, Katherine Wroblewski


I wanted my parking spot to be vivid, bright and colorful. Something to put a smile on my face in the morning. Therefore, I chose to paint big pink roses surrounded by a vibrant blue color. It is preppy, happy, girly and represents my personality.

Senior Class Secretary, Danny Mclaughlin 


“It took a little while to come up with, but once we got the idea, it all came together so well. I have Joy Li to thank for designing the entire thing and helping me finish it.”

Senior Class Historian, Alexa Battle


“It took a lot longer than I expected, and I thought about giving up during it, but it was totally worth it, and I love how it turned out.”

Senior Class Treasurer, Elli Perkins


“I really wanted to show my love of going on adventures, and I feel my spot portrays that quality well.”