Midlo students share their favorite Halloween treats and sweets

The history of Halloween candy


Photo by: wokandapix

Midlothian students reveal their favorite Halloween candies.

For candy-lovers, Halloween is the best time of the year. One of the staples of Halloween, besides the costumes, are the sweet treats. Every year, nearly 600 pounds of Halloween candy is sold throughout the country. With the holiday just around the corner, knowing the history of Halloween candy is important.

In the early 1900s, popular candy brands like Hershey’s and Mars searched for new ways to sell their candies in the fall months. Christmas and Easter were the most popular holidays for candy, but in the off seasons, these businesses struggled. The idea to start marketing Halloween-themed candy emerged. Halloween already existed, but at the time, many saw it as a dangerous holiday where kids would act out. Companies seized the opportunity to re-brand Halloween by attempting to create a more friendly atmosphere, coining the term “trick or treat”.  Just as Halloween candy began to rise in popularity, World War II began. The need to ration sugar outweighed the need for the tasty treats.

After the war, candy made a bigger and better return. Throughout the next few decades, people continued to hand out candies and goodies to trick-or-treaters, including homemade treats like fruit cakes. Homemade goods quickly experienced a decline due to paranoia of food poisoning. People began to turn towards buying pre-packaged candy from the store. This change shaped Halloween candy into what it is today.

As Halloween approaches, people race to the stores to buy their favorite candies off the stocked shelves. Midlo students share their favorite candies:

“I like 3 Musketeers because it tastes so good, and it’s soft in the middle like a pillow.”Naiya Annor, Class of 2023

“I remember when I was younger, it was my first year trick or treating, and I made sure to get all of the candies so I could try them. Twix was the one that really stuck with me. The texture, the chocolate, and the caramel all combined into one; it was perfect!”Riley Keys, Class of 2023

“Kit Kats are my favorite because they’re delicious.”Taylor Bailey, Class of 2023

“I like KitKats the most because of the wafer bar inside of them, it adds another factor to it, and it isn’t too sweet because I personally can’t stand things that are too sweet.”Aina Kudo, Class of 2024

Although some candies have stuck around like Hershey’s,  some have come and gone like the once popular Butterfinger BB’s. The history of Halloween candy has had ups and downs, but the tradition is here to stay. To learn more about the history of Halloween candy, click here.