Who will dominate during the MLB postseason?

2020 MLB Postseason Update


Photo by: Nathan Rupert

Petco Park in San Diego, California has the rare honor of hosting the 2020 MLB Postseason.

On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, ten Major League Baseball teams across the country began their showdown for a final spot in the 2020 World Series.  Every year, 16 of the best baseball teams compete in the playoffs to determine who advances to the next round.  Despite the current challenges of 2020, fans across the United States still come together to watch intently and cheer for their favorite teams.

This year, all postseason games will occur at neutral stadiums in an effort to reduce the amount of traveling. The National League teams will play all of their games either in Houston or Arlington, Texas, and the American League teams will compete either in Los Angeles or San Diego, California. The final destination for all teams is the Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, where the last two teams standing will face off to win the World Series. The limited traveling and the new CDC guidelines have forced all baseball teams to be housed in one hotel called The Bubble. The newly-invented Bubble system allows players to stay safe from COVID-19 during their tournaments.  As the teams are eliminated from their tournament, they are free to leave The Bubble and return home. Along with the several protocols in place, fans are not permitted to attend the tournament but can instead choose to represent themselves with a purchased cardboard cutout of their photos.

After week one, 8 of the 16 teams faced eliminations, including: the American League teams of the Toronto Blue Jays, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins, and Chicago White Sox and the National League teams of the Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, and Cincinnati Reds. On day 2 of the Postseason, the New York Yankees defeated the Cleveland Indians 10-9 in a game that lasted a record-breaking four hours and 50 minutes.

Continuing in the playoffs are the Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres, Miami Marlins, and the Atlanta Braves. To follow the road to the World Series, watch live on ESPN, ABC, FOX, and several other channels.  The last team standing from the postseason will continue to the World Series, held in Arlington, Texas, to compete with other teams for the Commissioner’s Trophy.  The World Series will start on Tuesday, October 20. 2020.

MLB Postseason Schedule:

Monday, October 5

Astros vs. Athletics 4:07 pm (Game 1)

Yankees vs. Rays 8:07 pm (Game 1)

Tuesday, October 6

Marlins vs. Braves 2:08 pm (Game 1)

Astros vs. Athletics 4:37 pm (Game 2)

Yankees vs. Rays 8:10 pm (Game 2)

Padres vs. Dodgers 9:38 pm (Game 1)

Wednesday, October 7

Marlins vs. Braves 2:08 pm (Game 2)

Athletics vs. Astros 3:35 pm (Game 3)

Rays vs. Yankees 7:10 pm (Game 3)

Padres vs. Dodgers 9:08 pm (Game 2)

Thursday, October 8

Braves vs. Marlins 2:08 pm (Game 3)

Athletics vs. Astros 3:35 pm (Game 4)

Rays vs. Yankees 7:10 pm (Game 4)

Dodgers vs. Pares 9:08 pm (Game 3)

Friday, October 9

Braves vs. Marlins 2:08 pm (Game 4)

Astros vs. Athletics 3:35 pm (Game 5)

Yankees vs. Rays 7:10 pm (Game 5)

Dodgers vs. Padres 9:08 pm (Game 4)

Saturday, October 10

Marlins vs. Braves 4:08 pm (Game 5)

Padres vs. Dodgers 8:08 pm (Game 5)


For more information, visit the official MLB website.