NFL and VHSL tackle new difficulties in the 2020 season

NFL and VHSL Football Guidelines


Photo by: NBC Sports

The NFL and VHSL take on new challenges that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the Midlothian High School football team will play later in the school year, the NFL began the 2020 season on Thursday, September 10th. With new guidelines in place, games this season look a little different than in the past for players, coaches, and viewers alike.

With fall sports set to return on February 15, conditioning for the sports will begin in the coming weeks. High schools are permitted to offer workouts for their players, but the teams must practice in smaller groups and wear masks when in close contact. In addition to not playing during the regular season, all sports will compete in only around 60% of the competitions the teams would normally play. While Midlo head football coach Matthew Hutchings feels disappointed that Midlo will not play football this fall, he assures that while it will be different, the players “will make the most” of their opportunities. 

The newest changes to the NFL revolve around the safety rules and regulations put in place for the safety of the players and other personnel. These rules affect both players and NFL fans, as one big difference is that fans can no longer sit in the stands to watch games. Midlo assistant football coach Brayden Delans finds games without fans odd, but he would “take [it] over nothing.”  The NFL also requires players and coaches to wear masks in the locker rooms, on the sidelines, and when walking throughout the NFL training facilities.

With both the NFL and Midlo’s own football team starting back up again, heads of both associations have to take into consideration the new problems that arise from playing football during a pandemic. Putting into effect new safety regulations, offered by the CDC, VHSL, and CCPS, football fans across the county and the country feel enlivened at the prospect of what the new season brings.